‘Husrom’ is a series of lectures in a living room in Bergen, Norway. The name refers to the Norwegian expression ‘Der det er hjerterom, er det husrom’ which literally translates to ‘If there is room in the heart, there is room in the house’. However, the more correct translation is ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’. The speaking guests will typically be artists, curators and writers that define the contemporary art field. Despite the private character of the room, the lectures are open to anyone who wishes to attend.

«Husrom» er en serie forelesninger i en stue i en leilighet i et borettslag på Wergeland i Bergen. Gjestene som presenterer sine tanker er kunstnere, kuratorer og skribenter som driver samtidskunstfeltet fremover. Til tross for rommets private karakter er forelesningene åpne for alle som ønsker å komme.

HUSROM 2 13 December 2014, 8 PM - Nicolaysens vei 5a, Wergeland, Bergen

Catholic 1991 (the lecture) - Andrea Speafico

Catholic 1991 (the lecture) is a transformation of a stage performance into a lecture. It deals with the end of the twentieth century, about the 1990s and the generation that celebrated its youth during these years. We had formed an opinion about the 1980s as early as in 1991, but fourteen years after the ‘millennium bug’ we have still not formulated the 1990s. The performance, and consequently this lecture, proposes that the reason is that no one really shaped these years as they were unfolding. Thus, this decade is still in a state of limbo.

Catholic 1991 (the lecture) is, just like the performance, an apathetic generations' vain attempt at achieving penance for its sins: vanity and apathy.

Andrea Spreafico is an artist and holds a PhD in Philosophy (Aesthetics and Ethics). The performance Catholic 1991 was produced by BIT Teatergarasjen, 2014.